A pressing force of up to 10,000 KN and an annual material throughput of 30,000 tons (steel, aluminium and stainless steel) are merely two "heavy" arguments for our production potential.
    Production potential:
  • Approx. 35 mechanical and hydraulic presses
  • Pressing force up to 10,000 KN
  • Table sizes up to 2,200 x 5,500
  • Transfer facilities
  • Coiling units of 50 to 1,600 mm width
  • Forming of sheet metal up to 3 mm thickness
  • Surface treatment (KTL and PE)
  • Welding robots

Follow-on composite and transfer presses are mainly employed for large series at Marienfeld. The wage-intensive small series with manual presses are manufactured more economically in the Czech Republic (location: Chomutov).

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